ikon företagstransaktioner (M&A)


We are a committed and business-oriented legal advisor who assists with acquisitions and investments.

Transactions and investments place high demands on your advisor due to the complex nature of the acquisition process and the span of several areas of law. We work commercially and have specialist expertise in several business areas and legal practices. Together with a flexible team, we adapt the assignment to the current transaction.

We assist with, among other things, the following:

– Arrangements for the transaction (assets transfers, share transfer, exit, generational change, sales to employees / key persons, etc.)

– Letters of intent and confidentiality agreements

– Due diligence

– Investments and capital raising (including venture capital and start-ups)

– Transfer agreements (preparation and negotiation of agreements)

– Mergers, joint ventures and restructuring of company groups

– Transfers of real estate companies and properties