ikon skadestånd och försäkring


Indemnification and insurance issues arise for individuals and companies alike. It could be anything from the interpretation of insurance policies and questions of causality, to limitations and disputes. Even if you set out to avoid disputes, one could arise at the claims adjustment stage. It could concern entitlement to sickness benefit, life annuity or other compensation. Indemnification and insurance issues are often complex standpoints on how best to pursue the case. The outcome could rely solely on how you secure evidence and how you present your case.

As specialists, we can offer advice on all types of indemnification and insurance issues. We have extensive experience assisting companies and individuals with insurance law and indemnification issues. In disputes we often contribute with legal assessments and indemnity investigations. If you have suffered financial loss or personal injury, we help you to claim against those who caused the loss or injury and to deal with insurance companies and the Social Insurance Agency. We will also represent you in court, on various insurance boards and committees, and safeguard your right to continuous compensation in a damages claim.