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Contract issues are a daily occurrence at most companies, the most common being contracts of sale, delivery agreements and collaborative agreements. It could also be licencing, confidentiality agreements, agent or distribution agreements, franchise agreements, leasing agreements, pledge agreements, shareholders’ agreements, or any other kind of agreement. As a company you may have to work with – and interpret – agreements already entered into. In these situations you have to make decisions that could have far-reaching financial consequences. It is therefore of vital importance for all decisions to be well founded.
Commercial law issues also play a major part when carrying out changes to your operations, such as company acquisitions or restructuring.When making business transactions it is always important to have a well-formulated agreement to fall back on. This is where Rosengrens’ commercial law specialists come in, people with extensive experience in a whole variety of commercial transactions.
We possess cutting-edge expertise in the field of commercial law and will assist in the drawing up and scrutiny of any type of agreement.
Commercial law spans across most business areas and demands a great deal of know-how, expertise that often verges into our other specialist areas, Labour Law and Litigation & Arbitration Law, for example. Working together, we strive to find the optimum solution for our clients.