ikon arbetsrätt


As an employer you have to deal with labour law issues nearly every day. This could concern agreements to be entered into, such as employment contracts or collective and individual agreements. It could also be dismissals or dealing with problems that arise from having to make people redundant. Conflict resolution at the workplace also comes with the territory. All these situations could lead to damages claims if you make the wrong decision. Labour law is also of great importance when making operational changes, such as during restructuring, mergers or acquisitions.

Our specialists are consultants in all types of labour law issues and usually work together with other specialists at Rosengrens within, for example, Litigation and arbitration and Mergers & Acquisitions. We will naturally represent you at union negotiations and pursue proceedings in district courts and the Labour Court. We also represent you if, as an employer, you have been charged with infringing the Work Environment Act and/or been imposed with a corporate fine. The one thing in common for all our labour law cases is that we always put full focus on helping you arrive at the best outcome.