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All companies have payment difficulties at one time or another. It is a natural and unavoidable part of our well-oiled market economy. The reasons vary; from customers not being able, or willing, to pay the company’s regular invoices, to companies finding themselves in a temporary recession with a fall in their earnings capacity. Problems such as these can often be solved with voluntary agreements, concessions or a payment plan, but in some cases the company has to bring in an insolvency expert. Insolvency and restructuring law embraces issues arising from payment difficulties, with the normal procedure being restructuring or bankruptcy. A successful restructuring could lead to the courts determine a restructuring plan, which may include a settlement regarding debts, thus enabling a successful business with temporary liquidity problems to carry on.

Rosengrens’ insolvency and restructuring team has a high degree of knowledge and proficiency and is greatly admired for its track record. The many receivers in the team make the firm a leading player in west Sweden. Our lawyers deal with all conceivable issues that arise in connection with insolvency and other financial difficulties. Our insolvency and restructuring lawyers have extensive expertise and experience working with preventative measures in an advisory capacity with regard to reservation of title and mortgaging. We turn the bankruptcy estate into liquid assets that are distributed to the creditors in compliance with the Preferential Rights of Creditors Act. This sometimes entails the selling of businesses, which in turn can provide new employment opportunities for the employees concerned.

Please contact one of ours Trustees and reconstruction lawyers to get further information or book a meeting. You can contact us on phone number + 46 31 701 20 00.